Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is a remix of "Yoda's Theme" by John Williams I made.

Recently I watched fagottron's video "Alice", which, incidentally was my inspiration to make this.
Obviously the style differs and it's not as rad, but I like it, and my friends seem to like it so I posted it.

Hope you like it too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

11-38's Comprehensive Collection of Star Wars Sound FX (pt.1)

I am certain I'm not alone when I say that there definitely isn't enough Star Wars sound effects floating around on the internet...
and of the very few sites that provide them, (TheForce.Net and GalaxyFarAway, for instance) there isn't an entire lot to get that aren't obviously from a specific scene, contain music in the background, or have other distracting elements.
I figured, even though I don't have much of a use for them right now, there should be an easier way to obtain clean sounding and authentic effects from and for the Star Wars universe.
Since no one seems to be sharing (and I could be wrong) , I decided to take it upon myself to collect as many Star Wars sound effects and compile them into a collection open to everybody.

So begins 11-38's Comprehensive Collection of Star Wars Sound FX.

Now in no way am I saying that my rips are going to be entirely flawless, but I have conducted several methods that will separate the effect from it's origin. (included in the readme, it's mostly simple but tedious stuff)
I great chunk of these clips I would humbly deem worthy of going right back into films. ;)
I'm currently working on pt.2, expect alot more in the future.

I'm really hoping these files will be put to good use, the core reason I even bothered to do this was to give back to the Star Wars community.
I, like many, would love to see the Star Wars Fanbase thrive so we can share it with the next generation, and continue enjoying it for ourselves.

Please use these files responsibly, and may the force be with you all.

Download Page

.torrent file


Monday, July 13, 2009

I Like Star Wars (a general summary of my life before I began this blog)

Yes, if you haven't already guessed, I'm a Star Wars fan.

In fact, you can even go as far to say that I LOVE Star Wars. Maybe not so much as to marry it, but certainly as much as a person of sound mind can 'love' the most epic science fiction saga and fictional universe.
That being said; I am not a virgin, recluse, basement dweller, socially inept, or friendless.

Star Wars has always been a part of my life. I was born shortly a while after the completion of the original series, so as far as my childhood, I grew up with Star Wars.
I watched the movies religiously,
I had the toys,
I played some games,
I had colouring books, etc.
Basically, for a child, I was a pretty big fan.

Although I was not alone...

My best friend and c
ounterpart in Star Wars fandom, Tom, was a major part of my development as a Star Wars Fan; We would play with our Star Wars figures (he had the best ones), watch the movies -whilst pretending we were in the movie-, and if we were allowed to... we'd play Super Star Wars on his Super Nintendo.
He would speak of the lore of the Extended Universe, which at the time I did not care all too much about...
I would have to admit that he was the bigger fan at the time.
Without EU, my interest in Star Wars began to dwindle, until...


This movie was a milestone in my life as a Star Wars fan.
I have to humbly admit, I WAS a bit too young to notice the bastardizations of the original series, as I was mesmerized, once again, by the wonder and beauty that is the spectacle of the Galaxy Far, Far Away.
I saw it the first day with Tom, the second time with Tom, the third and fourth time with Tom. I recall specifically me and him rushing into the theatre on our 2nd or 3rd viewing of the movie, and missing the first 10 minutes, and Tom whispering "It's okay, It's not like we haven't seen it already".
We were obsessed.
Me and Tom had matching Anakin Skywalker backpacks, we collected the cans, I even remember the Taco Bell collection contest, we were going to split the money if either of us won.

New toys added to my collection of original figures that had broken or gone missing over the years of neglect, which I regret now.

Unfortunately, some time between Episode I and II, Tom and I had a falling out.
Fueled by childish antics (mostly by myself and others), our friendship hit a screeching halt within about a half a year, incidentally once we added new friends to our group. I regret this to this day, as conversing as we began to grow apart in a way which seem to be irreconcilable. (although me and him are able to have successful small talk, our interests have went seperate ways)

Skip ahead a few years.
Star Wars has been a minor, yet constant, part of my life. A few video games here, numerous times recounting the series, and buzz of the next movie "Attack of the Clones". I saw it in theatres a few days after the release. I was not pleased.
Sure, I enjoyed it in the theatre, but after the movie I felt a very unsatisfying feeling. Star Wars was heading into a VERY unfamiliar direction, While Episode I had it's difference from the Original Trilogy by being a prequel, it maintained SOME form of the original charm they I grew to love from Star Wars. Attack of the Clones did not.

I grew cynical.
Star Wars, as I knew it, was dead to me.
Sure, I saw Episode III, but I saw it with the same cynicism and angst that had been brewing inside me since Episode II. It was almost like I didn't WANT to enjoy the movie.
Although today, Revenge of the Sith is my favourite of the Prequel Trilogy.

From then to roughly 2 years ago, my existence as a Star Wars fan went into stagnation.
I loathed the Prequel Trilogy and the Extended Universe with the same pretentiousness as many 'Star Wars Purist' pricks tended to act. Another part of my life as a Star Wars nerd I regret, especially due to my huge favouritism to the infamous Jar Jar Binks as a youngling. (Obviously, I have come to terms with how annoying the bastard is, but unlike some people, I can tolerate a single character)

My reunion into Star Wars fandom was a year long process thanks to the likenesses of Stumlbeupon, Wookieepedia, and the newer games. Star Wars became the bright beacon of hope in my otherwise depressing existence.
What triggered my ultimate
reintegration into the Star Wars Universe was a fateful trip to the local Toys 'R' Us, which me and a friend decided to visit in search of a game.
I had money.
Alot of money at the time, so I figured 'What the hell?' and browsed the Star Wars figure section.
Lo and behold, I found a Lando Calrissian figurine. The space pimp, as I had come to know him as. I bought him, tore him out of the package, and in childish jest, began to play with him. The friend I was with laughed at me, no doubt assuming this was a frivolous, one-of-a-time purchase, and that the figure would end up lost immediately after I entered my house.
I knew it was something more. Something about buying that figure just made me want more. Not just figures, but more Star Wars. From then on, I became a frequent visitor to Wookieepedia, Memorabilia collector, and Star Wars fanatic!

It took me two decades to understand how big of an impact Star Wars has been on my life, and now that I know, I have been indulging in the wonder that is the Galaxy Far, Far Away, the Space Opera, the lifelong companion that is the Star Wars Universe.

... and hey,
My girlfriend likes Star Wars too. ;)